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Dr. David Morgan

Dr. Morgan received a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, Master of Science in Counseling and Guidance, and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Counseling Psychology, all from Brigham Young University. He has been a licensed psychologist for over 20 years. During that time, Dr. Morgan has treated and evaluated more than ten thousand clients. 

Dr. Morgan and his wife Kristyn are the parents of six children, in addition to four daughters-in-law and six grandchildren. They are active members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Dr. Morgan has been a presenter at BYU Women's Conference, BYU Education Week, and been featured on many podcasts, including The Church News and All In. His favorite hobby is going to Disneyland, and he has been over one hundred times.

Dr. David T. Morgan, PhD

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Enduring the Refiner’s Fire

Emotional Resilience for Latter-day Trials

Trials are a necessary element of this mortal journey, but no one is eager to face them. There is no immunity to the hardships that are sure to come―but there is a way to turn trials into powerful opportunities for growth and refinement. In Enduring the Refiner’s Fire, psychologist Dr. David T. Morgan explores practices and principles that will enable you to forge emotional resilience in the face of life’s struggles. Featuring questions for reflection and exercises to help build emotional resilience, this volume provides ample opportunity for self-evaluation and goal setting as you learn how to draw upon untapped reservoirs of strength. Through gospel insights and real-life applications, these inspiring words will set you on the course to hone those qualities that will help you to not only survive but also thrive amid adversity.

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Peace Be Unto You

Anxiety Management Using Gospel Principles

All of us experience anxiety to varying degrees—whether you feel anxiety all of the time, or only occasionally during stressful situations. In Peace Be Unto You: Anxiety Management Through Gospel Principles, Dr. Morgan delivers an insightful look into human psychology and how we can overcome anxiety through thought work and trusting in God. This book will give you specific, applicable tools—both psychological and spiritual—including mindfulness, visualization, thought work, and coping strategies that offer immediate solutions readers can apply to their lives, as well as teaching how feelings of love and confidence can empower those who struggle with anxiety. With a foreword by popular speaker John Bytheway, Peace Be Unto You is a book that you’ll reference again and again, whether you’re facing anxious feelings, overcoming obstacles that anxiety creates, or trying to help those you love deal with anxiety.

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--Walt Disney

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I love the author's use of the scriptures mixed with real life examples to teach the principles of spiritual transformation. I have recommended this book to many people already, it is so good. The author's insight from his perspective as a psychologist is really insightful and actionable.

Michael J
Can Ye Feel So Now?

This book was outstanding. It is practical and inspiring. I love the way it was organized. Each chapter has a question at the beginning, a great discussion and the key concept at the end along with some ideas for self reflection. Only read this book if you are interested in strengthening your spiritual connection and using that connection to endure the bumps in the road and mountains we must climb. I've read it 3 times and given several copies away.

Sharyle K.
My God Hath Been My Support

Excellent book. Very well written and thought out. As I read it, it feels as if someone finally understands me along with some excellent advice. I enjoy the gospel references as it is good to see them from a new perspective. Thank you for your work to help others!

Matthew W.
Peace Be Unto You: Anxiety Management Using Gospel Principles

I loved this book. At a time in my life when I am struggling with multiple issues on many levels, the author assisted me in finding much needed insight and perspective. Each key concept is excellent and the questions for self reflection, when sincerely addressed, have brought me to a new level of understanding. I'm truly grateful for this book and highly recommend it.

Katherine M.
My God Hath Been My Support

This book has inspired me to embrace my challenges and find joy in everyday living. Dr. Morgan uses his expertise as a psychologist and his passion for the Book of Mormon to teach and guide his reader through trials that inevitably come as a result of living in this world. He reminds us that trials are for our benefit and experience in a loving, uplifting way. Now when I read about Nephi, I have a new set of ideas to apply those scriptures to my life. This book is very readable and the short length encouraged me to apply what I learned right away.

Bonnie B.
My God Hath Been My Support

I have two daughters with extreme anxiety and depression that are receiving medication for their condition, and as a result, I have had many anxiety induced moments dealing with them. This book and its principles have brought me peace as I have tried to incorporate into my life. Definitely a life-changer! Thank you!

Lisa M.
Peace Be Unto You: Anxiety Management Using Gospel Principles

This book is fantastic. I love how it feels like the author is talking directly to you as a friend. Lots of spiritual insights and connections I had never considered before. This book provides good, practical ways to approach anxious thoughts and behaviors in an LDS context.

Elisa W.
Peace Be Unto You: Anxiety Management Using Gospel Principles: Individual Workbook

Once again Dr. Morgan has written a thought provoking book. Not only is it filled with priceless nuggets to ponder, but it also teaches how to study and learn more from scriptures. There are questions at the end of each chapter which will lead to spiritual growth.

Deena M
Can Ye Feel So Now

The book is filled with wonderful nuggets for deeper thought. Almost every paragraph has a thought worth highlighting. The book reads easy, but is filled with areas that provide opportunities for deep introspection. If you need some good quotes for a talk or lesson, you can find them in this book.

Curt M.
Can Ye Feel So Now?

I've had trouble understanding what my child is experiencing. Having read this book, I now can imagine what leads up to an attack, and what they're experiencing during an attack. It's written in a way that benefits all of us, using examples from the scriptures that we've read together for years (and giving us a new way that we can liken the scriptures to us). Now we can focus together in a more hopeful way on learning to "change the way we think so we can change the way we feel," as his book teaches.

Jeff M.
Peace Be Unto You: Anxiety Management Using Gospel Principles